Frequently Asked Questions

Bought a kiln, what else do I need? Summary of additional items that you need beside the kiln set to start with raku firing.

Smoke nuisance? Do you need to life at the country site with your first neighbours at 3 km away from you because of the smoke? Or can it be different than that....?

Bisque firing in a Raku kiln? Is it possible to use a raku kiln also for bisque firing?

Do I need a Pyrometer? Indispensible or just convinient?

Superwool Facts!!! Lot of questions concerns the insulation wool. Is it dangerous or not? We only use insulation wool that is safe to use. Here we have gathered some facts about it.

Gas tanks Propane or Butane? Big tanks or will the gas tank from the caravan do as well?

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