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Universal tongs


Type 140 Pair of tongs to "pick up" your pottery from the inside rather than clamping it on the outside with the risk of glaze damage.


Type 140 This pair of tongs work reverse. If you bring the grips together the jaws will be opened.


Type 140 This is how it works; put the jaws into the pot.....


Type 140 All you have to do now is to bring the grips of the tong together so the jaws will open. No force though as you do not have to hold it. Just far enought so that the pot does slide of the jaws.


Type 140 Tongs in the pot.....


Type 140 ....... grips to each other........


Type 140 ..... so the pot will hang onto the tong. Glaze on the outside will not be damaged.

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