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2 Tank connector


Pyrometer - 1200 C

Thermo couple    
Lenght  ± 150 mm 
Diameter  9 mm 
Tmax.  1200 °C 
Measurement unit    
Dimensions  ± 129 x 74 x 39 (mm - LxWxH) 
Cable  ± 80 cm. 
Display  Digit size 12 mm. 
Ambient temperature  0 - 40 °C 
Storage Temp.  -10 - 50 °C 
Battery (Included)  9 Volt 


The pyrometer consist of a thermocouple and a measurement unit. Cables are connected to the thermocouple by means of a ceramic connector piece. Black cable to be pluged in the COM port; red cable in the port with the °C indication.


The pyrometer is switched on by rotating the dial of the measurement unit with 180° to the °C sign. The temperature is now indicated on the measurement unit.
To switch it off again you rotate the dial another 180° back to the OFF position.

Get used to keep the measurement unit off to save your battery, only to switch it on when you want to do a temperature reading. In the excitement of unloading the kiln and checking the result, the pyrometer is easily forgotten.


A 9 volt battery is included. In case it needs to be replaced in due time you have to remove the 2 small rubber cap at the back.


Under these caps are two small screws. Using a small screw driver you have to remove those screws.


After having done this you can separate the two parts of the measurement unit.
These two part will not fall appart just like that.
It is normal that it takes a bit of force or controlled thouroughnes to get this done.


Now you can see the battery being positioned under the display.


The thermocouple needs to be handled with care. The ceramic tube containing the Ni.Cr.Ni. wire is fragile.


The pyrometer port is positioned at the right side grip of the kiln casing when looking towards the burner port.
During loading and unloading of the kiln it is recommended to pull back the thermocouple into the insulation blanket. This give you less risk of hitting it with you ware or tongs while loading/unloading. Avoid however a big temperature shock for the thermocouple by taking it completely at high kiln temperatures.


During loading/unloading


But.... do not forget to put it back in its normal position when firing the kiln for another time. Otherwise very strange things will happen.

You will not get your kiln to the required temperature.... The glaze will mature though............


Normal position

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