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 TYPE 160
Techn. details Type 160
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Type 160

TYPE 160


The raku kiln Type 160 is made from a 100 ltr. barrel and insulated with50 mm thick insulation blanket.
The result is a kiln which is ver easy and comfortable to fire. Because the burner for this kiln is equal to the much bigger Type 260 kiln the raku kiln 160 is much easier to fire. The low gas pressure you need due gives a very low burner noise and requires less propane gas.

If you apply a bit higher gas pressure the firing time will reduce rapidly. But the average heating duration time we want to recommend for this kiln amounts to approx. 1 hour. Doing so, this kiln requires only 0,5 Bar at it's peak pressure. With 11 Kg Shell propane gas tank you can fire this kiln 7 to 9 times.

The excessive burner capacity with regards to this kiln allows also a higher peak temperature. For copper mate technicues this is an advantage (shine). More technical details here: Techn. details Type 160


Type 160


We only use brand new and totally clean barrels for manufacturing our kilns.

The kiln type 160-25 is made out of a 100 ltr. steel barrel. It has two reinforcement ribs forced in the casing and a curled edge at the top.


Both casing and cover are fitted with galvanised steel grips.



We use Superwool 607HT the first true, low bio persistent fibre with a classification temperature of 1300°C.

The flue gas hole in the insulation blanket is cut slightly smaller than the flue gas port in the cover. Just a small detail but useful. It avoids that small flakes of metal that may come loose from the flue gas port fall into the kiln and spoils your carefully prepared ware that is being fired.
The insulation blanked has a thickness of 50 mm. making it easy to fire.
The insulation blanked is secured with Kanthal wire and ceramic blocks. To protect the insulation blanket from the propane flame we have mounted 1 ceramic protection shelf opposite of the burner port.


Kiln dimension - inside

Diameter 350 mm
Height from kiln shelf 500 mm

Max. ware dimensions

In diameter approx. 300 mm
In height approx. 450 mm


Will be delivered including:

- Burner set consisting of propane burner – 3 m propane hose – pressure regulator.
- Kiln shelf pre-heated at 950 °C.
- Kiln shelf supports.
- Firing instruction on our website, always available and up to date.

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