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Superwool 607 HT fact and figurs

We use the Superwool 607 HT insulation blanket for our kiln.
This material is exonerated from any carcinogen classification.

Here we have gathered different fact sheets about this material showing you why this material is much safer to use than other alternatives.

Superwool 607 HT Technical specification. [169 KB]
Superwool 607 HT Health and safety [93 KB] - Why is superwool safe to use.
Superwool 607 HT Risks [77 KB] - What are the general risks of these kind of materials and why Superwool is different.
Superwool 607 HT Waste disposal [143 KB] - No hazardous material classification so it can be disposed as normal waste.
Superwool 607 HT Final [101 KB] - No health risk after the fibre has been used (heated).


SuperwoolTM607TM HT Blanket is a product of the Morgan Crucible Company Plc.

The Morgan Thermal Ceramics website can be found here:

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