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The burner should be aligned horizontally in front of the burner port using a pair of bricks or whatever. Do not point the flame to the kiln shelf. You do not have to stick the burner into the burner port. If you have the ceramic burner head aligned with outside of the kiln your fine. This way the burner will get some secondary combustion air, which is good.


To ignite the burner we recommend using a sparking (piezo) gas lighter like they are being used in the kitchen rather than matches or cigarette lighters with a flame.


The procedure is as follows:

Make sure that the gasket that should seal the connection is in place.


Pressure regulator

Connect the pressure regulator to your gas tank. The crane of your tank is closed. Please note thet this threat connection is "left" threat. That means that tightening and loosening this threat goes exactly in the oppostite direction as you are used to.
Turn back the pressure regulator lever until you can take it out. Then turn it back in for just 1 or 2 turns. This way you can be sure that the regulator’s membrane is closed and that no gas will flow even when the tank crane is opened.
Open the ball valve at the burner and keep the burner in your hand. You can open the crane of the gas tank now and nothing will happen.
Start turning in the lever of the pressure regulator in. You are looking for the moment that the propane just starts flowing. Just enough to ignite the burner but not more than that. After a couple of turns you will feel that it touches the regulators membrane and if you carefully continuous you will hear the gas starting to flow at the burner. As soon as you hear this you stop turning in the lever and ignite the burner with the piezo lighter. Keep the piezo lighter against the ceramic burner head when igniting the burner. Because the gas pressure is still very low, (your pressure regulator will still indicate a pressure of virtually 0), the flame that you get will be very small. Do not continue turning in the lever to higher pressures after you hear the gas starting to flow. It will only be more difficult to ignite the flame and when you do succeed you have a roaring burning with a huge flame in your hands. You pressure gauge will still be at 0 Bar.


Manometer When igniting the burner the pressure indication of the manometer is virtually 0

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