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Gas tanks


Our raku kilns are fired with, and the burner assembly is only suitable for propane gas. In the Netherlands the grey Shell tanks which contain 10,5 Kg of liquified propane gas are commonly use. However the colour and available size of gas tanks may vary from country to country.

The pressure regulator of the burner assembly suits both a Shell as well as a DIN tank connection.
Please make sure that,at all times, the gasket is in place.


11 Kg Shell gas tank


Gas tanks are never included in our scope of supply and should be bought locally.

To find your local gas tank supplier try

The Netherlands:

For Belgium and Luxembourg:



Other countries can also be found through one of the above links


In The Netherlands there are blue gas tanks which are in size quite similar to the grey propane tanks. However they contain Butane gas.

In other countries other colours may be used both for propane and butane. Just make sure that you get propane gas.


Gas tanks Left a grey propane tank; right a butane tank. Butane not to be used.


For camping and caravan usage there are also smaller gas tanks (5Kg). Those tanks cannot keep up with the gas demand during the firing of the kiln and are not suitable.


5 Kg gas tank Not suitable.

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