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Bought a kiln, what else do I need?
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Gas tanks


On this page we give you a list of items, big or small, that you need beside one of our kilns as shown in price list Nr. 1.
Those items are not included in the standard kiln set but needed before you can do a raku firing session.

Propane gas tank - see separate page.
Pair of bricks to align the burner horizontally in front of the burner port. - See image above.
Piezo gas lighter.
Pair of tongs - see separate page and price list Nr. 2.
Gloves and safety glasses - see price list Nr. 2.
Reduction cover for example half a barrel or a garbage can. - See image beside
Reduction material like wood chips from a pet shop or try anything else hay or whatever.
Sponge and some abrasive to clean your ware after the reduction.

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